• Two of Us Ranks #1 on Oricon Chart

    Congratulations to Tohoshinki, who ranked #1 on the daily Oricon chart in Japan, even while they are military duty! Incredible that they can rank top of Tower Records and Oricon charts while on hiatus! Through TVXQ’s unchanging power, they have occupied the #1 spot on Japan’s Oricon chart. According to the Oricon chart which was

  • Two of Us Sneak Preview

    Avex has released a sneak preview of the remixed CD, Tohoshinki’s “Two of Us,” that will hit the shelves in Japan on October 9th. The songs are composed of Yunho and Changmin’s original vocals from previously recorded albums, but with an additional remix of music with additional styles. Avex posted the audio clips on YouTube

  • Two of Us CD Cover

    The CD cover has been revealed! What do you think? It resembles fanart a bit? But I love the sunset and the way the breeze is meant to be blowing through their hair. Very peaceful! Two of Us: Tohoshinki Yunho & Changmin

  • Just the Two of Us, TVXQ Album Release this Fall!

    Fans rejoiced when we heard what we thought would be impossible while U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin are serving their conscripted military service in South Korea: TVXQ! will release a new Japanese album on October 5th, 2016! BigEast official members received an email from AVEX yesterday which included the playlist on the CD, entitled “Just

  • TVXQ Mobilizes 100K Fans in Film Concert, Still #1 of All Time

    In 2016 TVXQ! will be celebrating their 13th year together, by far one of the few longest reigning KPOP boy bands in history. Although they are presently serving active duty in the military, they are still able to rule as the Kings of KPOP by mobilizing over 100,000 fans at the TILL Film Concert, which

  • Yunho’s Rise as God is #3 on Baidu King Chart

      China Baidu Music King Chart 2015: TVXQ Yunho’s Champagne 3rd for most crowns won (4 weeks in 2015)     Yunho’s Champagne : TVXQ’s Special Album “Rise As God” that was released on the 20th of July had the double-title tracks of U-Know Yunho’s Champagne and Choikang Changmin’s Rise As One. Champagne rose to take the crown

  • 2015 Song Ranking from BNT

    When it comes to the original Korean idol groups, TVXQ! as expected, cannot be left out. Special album release, “Rise as God,” (July 20 2015), was released in the similar period as Super Junior. This was presented as a special gift to fans demonstrating their appreciate and love. Having debuted in 2003, being active around

  • TVXQ Sales Over 28 Billion KWN (24M USD) in Japan in 2015

    Ranking in 10th place on Oricon charts, TVXQ confirm their status in KPOP. In 2015, the group TVXQ! achieved meaningful results in Japan, and reaffirmed their status as the best KPOP singers in Korea. Recently in Japan, several year-end evaluation data results have emerged and the indications prove their popularity. On Oricon aggregated total album

  • Changmin’s Close To You Drops with Great Variety!

    Changmin’s Japanese solo album has shipped to Japanese official BigEast fan club members and today we listened to the CD in it’s entirety. Each song is completely individual and different, surprising fans with the full variety and depth that Changmin offers in his vocals and song selection. We are taken on a journey of soft,

  • Close To You Contents Revealed!

    Changmin’s Close to You albums have arrived in Japan and fans are sharing the photo book contents! Lucky fans gawked at the preciously charming Choikang Changmin as well as listened to his soulful, heartfelt ballads!         Credits: mio1104, bornfree2618kis, JIKIMI_Shim精锐站, Cavry-Ycen

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