• Changmin Discusses TVXQ Approach to Japan Market

    During his recent appearance on tvN’s “Life Bar” with EXO’s Xiumin and NCT’s Mark, TVXQ’s Changmin opened up about performing at Tokyo Dome and how TVXQ approach to the Japanese market differed from other groups. While talking about a variety of topics, Shin Dong Yup asked Changmin how it felt to perform at Tokyo Dome. He replied,

  • BE STAFF REPORT! Tokyo Dome Day 1

    Our Changmin playing table tennis probably during rehearsals(?) Look at his face when he won! So smug. Doesn’t this remind you of his antics during Cool Kids on the Block?

  • Changmin Listed in TOP10 Most Savage Maknae

    A fun article was posted today, referencing our Max in the Top 10 “Savage Maknae’s” in KPop, he scored 10/10 Savage Points for his sharp tongue and quick wit. In Asian society, you’d expect there to be a certain ‘hierarchy’, if you like, when it comes to idol groups – especially since when there’s a

  • Yunho’s Halloween Costume Revealed, and Changmin’s Influence Continues

    Cassiopeia fans were thrilled to see TVXQ’s Yunho dressed as One Piece’s Zoro character for the SM Town Halloween party! Fans recall an interview in MORE Magazine in November 2012, five years ago where Yunho mentioned that Zoro reminded him of Changmin: Q: Did you recommend something for each other recently? YH: He recommended One

  • TVXQ Writes Letters of Thanks and Appreciation to Each Other

    These letters were shared during the YouR PresenT fan meeting in Seoul, and have recently been uploaded by SM Entertainment. Yunho’s Letter to Changmin TO. Pretty Chwangdollie, It’s a little embarrassing for me that I’m writing such a letter. I’m not the type to write words well but it’s a totally new feeling since we’ll

  • Changmin Treasures His Fans with “In A Different Life”

    TVXQ’s Changmin has released his much-anticipated solo track for SM STATION! “In a Different Life” is a beautiful acoustic track with some touching lyrics written by Changmin himself. The singer dedicated the song to his fans, thanking them for staying by his side and waiting for him while he was serving in the military. The

  • Changmin Gives Spoiler of “In A Different Life”

    The spoiler clip below reveals more of Changmin’s song, which is described as an acoustic pop song. The lyrics by Changmin are about the gratitude towards loved ones and the promise of better days in the future. Check out Yunho’s recently released ‘SM Station’ track “Drop” here if you missed it, and stay tuned for

  • TVXQ Singles Soon to be Released

    How excited are you to hear the new solo’s by Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ in just a few weeks?! The internet has started the countdown!! If you click on THIS PAGE, you will see a REAL TIME countdown for the releases! Both releases, Yunho’s DROP, and Changmin’s song is still unknown, will be available

  • Welcome Back Choikang Changmin!

    “Discharge Quietly” they said. “Keep calm… stay home for public safety,” they said. Meanwhile Cassiopeia, BigEast and Elf, who have waited patiently for one year and 9 months reply: TVXQ and SuJu are old, and not really popular they said … Again the fans replied: WELCOME BACK SHIM CHANGMIN! Our Eternal Prince! Our Momo, our

  • 6 Times TVXQ!’s Changmin Broke Everyone’s Hearts Just By Wearing A T-Shirt

    TVXQ!’s Changmin wearing bold statement T-shirts is something you definitely don’t want to miss out on, the hilarious attitude-oozing slogans are just the thing to make your day. 1. “Sorry girls I only date models.” 2. #HANDSOME 3. LONELY (LOVELY) 4. Coco Made Me Do It 5. PLAY Comme Des Garçons 6. TALK TO MY MANAGER Source:

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