• TVXQ Singles Soon to be Released

    How excited are you to hear the new solo’s by Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ in just a few weeks?! The internet has started the countdown!! If you click on THIS PAGE, you will see a REAL TIME countdown for the releases! Both releases, Yunho’s DROP, and Changmin’s song is still unknown, will be available

  • Welcome Back Choikang Changmin!

    “Discharge Quietly” they said. “Keep calm… stay home for public safety,” they said. Meanwhile Cassiopeia, BigEast and Elf, who have waited patiently for one year and 9 months reply: TVXQ and SuJu are old, and not really popular they said … Again the fans replied: WELCOME BACK SHIM CHANGMIN! Our Eternal Prince! Our Momo, our

  • 6 Times TVXQ!’s Changmin Broke Everyone’s Hearts Just By Wearing A T-Shirt

    TVXQ!’s Changmin wearing bold statement T-shirts is something you definitely don’t want to miss out on, the hilarious attitude-oozing slogans are just the thing to make your day. 1. “Sorry girls I only date models.” 2. #HANDSOME 3. LONELY (LOVELY) 4. Coco Made Me Do It 5. PLAY Comme Des Garçons 6. TALK TO MY MANAGER Source:

  • Changmin Casted by SM on the Street

    You’ve heard of ‘street casting,’ which is when a young talent is recruited or scouted by a talent agency in some random location, such as a restaurant, street corner, or nearby park. Choi Siwon and Shim Changmin experienced this very thing, when both were scouted directly from the “street” and joined SM: Siwon was waiting

  • Changmin Dazzles at UClean Concert

    Dashing in his uniform, Sergeant Shim Changmin, along with his Super Junior label mates, Siwon Choi and Donghae Lee, and SMPA performed at the 2017 U-Clean Youth Concert. Changmin and SMPA promotional unit performed H.O.T’s Happiness and also one of TVXQ’s older songs from 2007, Balloons. Other performers included Pristin, Snuper, Mad Clown, Yesung (Super

  • ChangKyu Strikes Enternal

    Changmin and Kyuhyun are known in their industry as best friends, from their trainee days over 14 years ago. Recently as Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is preparing to enlist in the civil service for his mandatory military conscription, he gave his fans a farewell in a solo fan meeting. It was there that he mentioned his

  • Changmin’s May 2017 Gift

    SMTown Official site shared two candid photos taken of Changmin, for his fans on May 18, 2017. Both photos appear to have been taken behind the scenes during the filming of Scholar Who Walks the Night drama.

  • TVXQ! Represented at KCONLA

    TVXQ Fans! We Are T International Fan Club is excited to announce that we will be participating once again in the KCON experience at Los Angeles, August 18 – 20, 2017. TVXQ!’s U-Know Yunho was recently discharged and Choikang Changmin (Max) will be discharged in exactly 100 days, on August 6th. There’s no better time

  • Changmin Treats Junior Comrade

    We won’t go as far as saying that Max is recruiting to expand the famous KyuLine celebrity friendship, but recently a younger colleague, comrade policeman, Hyunwoo Park, has shared a “Saturday Night” date where Changmin treated him to dinner! “Saturday dinner with #changmin #최강창민 hyung. Thank you for your warm advice. Next time, I’ll treat

  • Corporal Shim Promoted to Sergeant!

    Congratulations to the newly promoted Sergeant Shim Changmin, for achieving his elevated rank within the Seoul Metropolitan Police. Changmin has been serving with the SMPA Promotional Unit, participating in Public Service campaigns against school violence, bullying, as well as promoting harmony to school children of all ages. He is serving together with his label mates,

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