• TVXQ’s Changmin Makes Meaningful Donation In Honor Of Children’s Day

    TVXQ’s Changmin chose to give back to the community for the holiday. On May 4, it was reported that Changmin had donated 55 million won (about $51,160) to a global children’s welfare charity known as Green Umbrella Child Fund (literal translation). In South Korea, May 5 is officially celebrated as Children’s Day. His goal in

  • IMAGINE Project for Unicef with Changmin

    Choikang Changmin joined several other SM artists to sing the iconic John Lennon song, IMAGINE, for a special awareness project to give every child a fair chance, or equal opportunity at life. The project was filmed and created in 2015 before Changmin enlisted, but was finally released. A special website launched on June 27th, 2016,

  • TVXQ’s Red Ocean Library for Children Opens in Seoul

    A very special and touching charitable donation on behalf of TVXQ! was gifted to the children of a Korean orphanage, a gift of reading. This gift will last for years to come as the children grow to appreciate the power of the written word. Yunho fans from China, “YoonhoBar,” led and helped organize, for a

  • Changmin Fans Donate

    Several weeks ago Changmin and the Seoul Police Promotional unit participated in the Eve and Guardian Angels concert during which his fans took an interest in the plight of single mothers associated with the organization.  As a result, his fans collaborated with MaxNation, a fan site for TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin (Max) and donated 2480 kg

  • Church Oppa Jung Yunho

    Naver recently posted an article about Yunho, and spoke of his past charity work, including the Ghana visit for Road for Hope, as well as how dedicated his fans are to him that they also contribute to charitable causes. Below is a quote: ‘While carrying out his military service, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho) is

  • U-Know Yunho’s Fandom Catches Attention by Donating to Welcome the Lunar New Year

    While it is commonplace to do charity as well as donate rice wreaths, or donate your talents to commemorate the birthday or showcase, concert etc. of the celebrity you like, instances where you do so for the neighborhood (community) to observe a national holiday are few. However the love of these fan clubs who are

  • Changmin – Lavish Gifting Culture of Fan Clubs

    A recent episode of SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment” on January 27 covered a segment revealing the extraordinary gifting culture of fan clubs. A fan reveals in an interview, “1 million won (approximately $800) is not a big amount. There are those that give more than that and also gift the parents of celebrities

  • TVXQ Changmin’s Fans Hold Record for Most Rice Donated

    The January 27 episode of ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ explored the idol groups’ fandoms and their generous–at times bordering on prodigal–donations to the less fortunates. The fandoms’ charitable contributions to society has become something of a sub-culture within K-Pop, and the ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ crew explored the topic more deeply, especially as

  • Yunho’s Chinese Fans Donate 12 Tons of Rice To “Help Those In Need In Gwangju”

    The Chinese fans of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho have donated 11.72 tons of rice to help those in need in the Gwangju region. According to the Gwangju branch of the Community Chest of Korea (CCK), U-Know Yunho’s Chinese fans, led by the fansite ‘MyYunho’, donated 586 sacks of rice that weighed 20kgs each (11.72 tons, worth

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