Today on a discussion board in Korea, a fan posted a sneak preview of the SM scheduled album releases for 2017: March – BoA mini album April – Taeyeon Repackaged Album, NCT127 Full Album May – EXO CBX 2nd mini album, Krystal mini album June – NCT 127 Repackaged album, Taemin 2nd album July –

  • Fanvids and Dom/Sub Conversations with TVXQ!

    March 12, 2014 Beatles Code revealed: When Yunho and Changmin started their activities as a duo, they often had fights/quarrels/arguments. On Beatles Code 3D, they were asked, “It has been four years since you two started to work as a duo. Have you been fighting more or do you have a better relationship since you

  • [Single/MV Review] TVXQ ‘Spellbound’ 7th Album Repackage

    “This review is solely my opinion, written based on my own taste and preferences. I am not a professional music critic, I can be very harsh and biased, please don’t take my reviews too seriously, the most important opinion is your own.” By RageX @HeartofThe9 TVXQ celebrated their 10 year anniversary with the release of

  • SBS MTV The Show

    March 4, 2014 SBS MTV The Show All About K-pop ~ Comeback Stage TVXQ – Interview & Spellbound (수리수리)

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