• Yunho Reveals Why He Hates Eating Alone & What Changmin Means to Him

    TVXQ’s Yunho opened up about why he has a hard time eating alone and also talked about what fellow member Changmin means to him. On September 28th, TVXQ held their “Eat with TVXQ!” broadcast on Naver’s V App. The rules were that the broadcast would not end until the members of TVXQ finished the meal

  • Changmin Treasures His Fans with “In A Different Life”

    TVXQ’s Changmin has released his much-anticipated solo track for SM STATION! “In a Different Life” is a beautiful acoustic track with some touching lyrics written by Changmin himself. The singer dedicated the song to his fans, thanking them for staying by his side and waiting for him while he was serving in the military. The

  • Changmin Gives Spoiler of “In A Different Life”

    The spoiler clip below reveals more of Changmin’s song, which is described as an acoustic pop song. The lyrics by Changmin are about the gratitude towards loved ones and the promise of better days in the future. Check out Yunho’s recently released ‘SM Station’ track “Drop” here if you missed it, and stay tuned for

  • TVXQ To Be On “Give Me A Meal”

    According to insiders, the duo will be filming the JTBC variety show sometime this week along with MCs Lee Kyung Kyu and Kang Ho Dong. The duo is keeping busy after both finishing enlistment duties. They’ll be releasing a solo song each through ‘SM Station’ season 2, they’ve filmed ‘Happy Together 3’, and now they’ll

  • Yunho’s Second Teaser for DROP MV Revealed with BTS Photos!

    Naver Starcast: Ultra super great great~!   U-Know and MAX, who made our hearts flutter with their unchanging handsomeness at V app, #Too much handsome #I’m the only one #who’s getting old ;( This week, they’re going to come back with new tracks for SM STATION Season 2 on Sept. 25 and 28. And U-Know

  • TVXQ!’s ‘Meokbang’ to be on Naver V Live Stream!

    TVXQ was the latest to jump on the “meokbang” (eating show) bandwagon, a fad that has captivated the Korean internet users in recent years. According to S.M. Entertainment, “TVXQ’s Let’s Eat Together” will be aired on Naver Star Live Application V, with the first episode set to take place at 10 p.m. on Thursday. The

  • TVXQ Share Thoughts on Being an “Old” Group

    TVXQ members Yunho and Changmin held their first ever V Live broadcast on September 20 where they talked about many things including what they’ve been up to since being discharged from the military and when they were most grateful for one another. After introducing themselves and being amazed by the V Live technology and features,

  • TVXQ To Appear on Knowing Brothers Sept 28th!

    Today, September 22nd, JTBC revealed TVXQ! would be appearing on the hit Knowing Brothers variety talk show. They’re set to film on the 28th, while viewers can expect their episode to air mid-October. TVXQ also mentioned in a previous interview that the variety show they’d like to guest on most is ‘Knowing Brothers’. This program

  • TVXQ! Headlines & Seoul Stage Announcement

    At the Shilla Hotel press conference they announced an upcoming stage, and SM just posted the TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT: 9/30 7pm & 10/1 5pm at Jamsil Sports Complex Indoor Gymnasium. Tickets are 55,000₩, and only one ticket per person at Yes24.   Here are a few highlights of the TVXQ Asian

  • TVXQ: What They Learned From Being Apart

    TVXQ Talks About Their Military Service And What They Learned From Being Apart   Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ, who have finally reunited, held the “TVXQ! ASIA PRESS TOUR” on August 21 to speak about their future plans. During the press conference, they also talked about being freshly discharged from the military. In particular, Changmin

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