• Osaka Showers Love All Over Yunho

    “Don’t use any fandom colored lightsticks,” SM said. “Only use the the official SMTown wristband only,” they said. BigEast fans, who have been waiting for TVXQ for two years responded, “Thanks, but no thanks!” While their beloved Yunho performed his heart out on stage, BigEast fans that filled the Kyocera Dome, showed the 31 year

  • SM Global Package Benefits and Process

    With the announcement of TVXQ’s comeback concert, and the Return of the KINGS, there are probably hundreds of international fans who, like me, will flock to South Korea in the Fall for the concert. Tickets are often very difficult to get, especially prized seats.  Therefore I strongly the SM Global Package!  It doesn’t include AirFare,

  • TVXQ Listed in Largest KPOP Concerts Attended

    TVXQ, or Tohoshinki in Japan, was listed THREE times on AllKPop’s “Largest Concerts Attended.” EXO was also listed twice, GDragon was listed for his solo concert, and Big Bang was listed FIVE times, with the most popular being their MADE Tour (#1 BIGBANG-MADE, 2014 – 2015. This tour drew a whopping 1.5 million people across

  • TILL2 in Yokohama Gathers Fans Even Without TVXQ!

    Tohoshinki’s popularity in Japan continues to reign strong, as fans gather for two days, April 17th and 18th, to attend the TILL2 Film Concert in Yokohama Arena! Special guests that attended included the director/producer, Sam-san; the lead Tohoshinki band keyboard player, Kakizaki (Kakiyan-san) Yoichiro and two back up dancers Rui and Kodai. Fans tweeted some

  • Yunho’s Final Army Performance Becomes His “Solo” Concert

    With TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho’s discharge coming up he had his final army event stage which was like that of a concert’s. On the 1st, U-Know Yunho showed his flashy dance skills and stage manners at the Concert For Citizens and Army Personnel in Yangju, which was his last as a soldier, exciting the audience. That

  • TILL 2 Exceeds Expectations!

    Katy Perry “Part of Me,” Michael Jackson’s “This is It” and Justin Beiber’s “Never Say Never” were iconic examples of how pop stars can explode on the big screen as well as at Live concert performances! But whereas those films are of the documentary genre, with backstage interviews and as well as onstage footage, Tohoshinki’s

  • Yunho’s Stage Quality is Mesmerizing

    October has been a very busy month for our Corporal Jeong Yunho! He started strong with the Ground Forces Festival during the first week of October, and continued to flourish fans with his stage performances at the Army Cultural Performing Arts Concert where he fed our addiction to his high quality, top notch interpretation of

  • SMT Japan Without TVXQ is Like Hogwarts Without Harry Potter

    On July 16, 2016 in the Kyocera Dome, Osaka Japan, SMTown performers took to the stage for the first time in Japan without our beloved Tohoshinki representing the strong BigEast fan club. Several promotions via social networks and email attempting sell out the SMTown Japan tickets, which have been extremely difficult and competitive to buy

  • Peace & Unification Concert Update!

    Apologies but the high five VIP event has been cancelled for the upcoming concert in Vancouver, Canada on July 26th. However the concert will continue as planned! Ticketmaster has updated their website with a new date and date: Tickets will go on sale July 12th, 2016! Line Up: Concert for Korea Peace and Unification Canada

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