• Yunho Casted as Clairvoyant in Mystery Comedy Drama

    TVXQ’s Yunho will return with a drama! According to a number of broadcast insiders on May 25th, Yunho has recently been chose for the male lead for the drama “Meloholic.” “Meloholic” is a romantic mystery comedy work based on the webtoon with the same name. It tells the story between a man with with ESP

  • Scholar Who Walks the Night Promotions in Japan

    For a second time, the Scholar Who Walks the Night is releasing a BluRay and DVD boxset in Japan, and this time the promotional set includes posters, limited edition book markers and photobooks. This boxset is different from the first one that was released, as it includes different BTS out-takes as well! Unfortunately no English

  • MBC Selects 11 Best Photos From Its 2015 Dramas: Changmin!

    Photographer Kim Dong Hwan takes photos on the set the of drama filmings for MBC. He shares his selection of what he thinks are the best photos from MBC dramas this year, both as stills from the actual scene in the dramas and others he took while hanging out around the actors on the scene.

  • TVXQ: the Kings of Export for Dramas in 2015

    Choikang Changmin’s “Scholar Who Walks the Night” commands $140,000 USD per episode; and U-Know Yunho’s “I Order You”, $350,000 USD for the web drama. The currently enlisted TVXQ have been crowned this year’s drama kings of export. TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin and U-Know Yunho’s respective historical drama and web drama, were sold to Japan for the

  • Scholar Who Walks the Night Fan Meeting Sold Out!

    The Scholar Who Walk the Night fan meeting to be held on November 5th, 2015 at Yokohama Arena has completely sold out. Changmin will appear along side costars, Yubi and Lee Soohyuk, and the popularity of the event has required the promoters to see “restrictd view” seats, which allows a partial view of the stage,

  • TV Station Interview with Choikang Changmin

    The character I acted as, Lee Yoon, is a crown prince’s son; who inherits his position from his grandfather. At first glance, he seems to be a playboy, who loves women and alcohol, but he’s actually a man with scars in his heart. Whilst in the middle of making choices for my last work before

  • Changmin’s Interview in Drama TV Guide Japan

    Q: Why did you choose this drama as your last work before enlisting? A: Out of all the offers I received, the original book (the basis of the drama) was already very popular and the synopsis was interesting to me. Especially, the character, Lee Yoon was captivating and I felt that he had something deep

  • Changmin’s Fan Event Tickets Being Resold at Ridiculous Prices

    Tickets for a “Scholar Who Walks the Night” fan event in Japan, starringTVXQ’s Changmin and Lee Yoo Bi, are reaching ridiculous prices. Though prices started off around 100,000 won (approximately $86), they are being sold through retail sites for up to 3,370,000 won (approximately $2,900), including a premium. Some netizens are commenting on how the price exceeds the monthly salary

  • Yunho’s K-Style Interview

    On September 28th, 2015, KSTYLE published an interview with Yunho, discussing his role as the greatest swordsman, Mooseok, played in Night Watchman’s Journal. Q: Tell us your thoughts when you received the offer for the role? Yunho: When I received the synopsis of Night Watchman’s Journal, I got the impression that this is a drama

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