• Sargeant Jung Yunho Heartily Shovels Snow

    Twitter was abuzz with a cute story about Sergeant Jung Yunho, and how hard he works at his job, shoveling snow. It was posted by a non fan on a Korean fan site, DC TVXQ: I’m not a TVXQ fan but this was posted on the SNS of someone whom I know and it was

  • Changmin’s #14 Monthly Gift

    Remember when Changmin appeared as a cast member on Cool Kidz on the Block? January’s Special Present #14 is from when he played badminton on the show! Watch the episodes Changmin was in HERE! Source: SMTown

  • Yunho’s 18th Monthly Present

    It’s hard not to giggle or even burst out laughing when we see this monthly gift that SM gave us from Yunho! Get a load of that hair!! This was taken during the filming for a T1ST0RY VCR and appears to be a selfie! TVXQ!_VCR-SHOWREEL from METAOLOZ on Vimeo. Source: SMTOWN

  • Sgt Jung Yunho Shares Thoughts on Promotion and Accomplishments

    TVXQ’s Jeong Yunho is featured in a military magazine, praising him on his accomplishments, as he has served honorably in the 26th Division ROK gaining the elite Special Class Soldier status. Sergeant Jeong Yunho, Special Class Soldier and now newly promoted Squad Commander (wearing green epaulettes) is referred to as “icon of loyalty and sports(workout)-dol,”

  • TVXQ! Fans Honor Yunho with Cover of Champagne MV

    When I have attended Tohoshinki concerts in Japan in the past, I’ve always enjoyed the enthusiasm and passion that BigEast (Official TVXQ! fan club in Japan) have for U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin. Like most fans, Japanese fans are energetic, dedicated and truly respect the artistry of TVXQ’s music and performance; and Japanese fans often

  • TVXQ to Discharge & Comeback in 2017

    Firstly, U-Know Yunho enlisted last 2015 will be discharged this coming April. In basic training, U-Know Yunho got chosen as “Best Recruit” which showed his exceptional ability, and in his current posting at the 26th Mechanized Infantry Division, he got selected as Special Class Soldier and so on, standing out even in the army. Choikang

  • Happy New Year 2017 from TVXQ!

    Yunho’s New Year message: Year of the Fire Rooster~ The new year of 2017 or the yer of “discharge” has arrived! It seems there will be many very heart-throbbing things so I’m already excited! As I will not forget the dueties of being a solidier until the very end, and will return handsomely~ please just

  • Happy 13th Anniversary TVXQ!

    December 13th Debut Anniversary Today, December 26th, TVXQ celebrates 13 years since making their debut in 2003 on Korean TV with their first hit song, HUG. Many have followed the fandom since 2003, but most of us have joined the sometime after their debut, some becoming fans after Yunho and Changmin came back as a

  • Yunho to Perform at Year End Concert

    Tomorrow, December 21st at 7pm, U-Know Yunho will be participating in the 2016 Gyeonggi-do Korean-USA Annual Year End Concert, at the Uijeongbu Arts Centre (의정부 예술의전당) promoting harmony between military personnel from both countries as well as local residents. On the 20th, photographs on several SNS accounts and sites shows a smiling Sargent Jung Yunho

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