• Long Time U-Know Yunho Fansite Bestows Gifts to His Fans: Years of Historical Footage!

    Yunho’s dedicated fansite, OnlyOneUknow.com generously shared several years of 20+ video compilation gifts for his fans! Fan site master-nim posted the YouTube links on Twitter, over 7 years of special moments caught at fan meetings, concerts, and other public events. Yunho’s beautiful smile, robust laugh, kissable lips, quirky gestures, and more are all caught on

  • Yunho’s Fan Letter

    Yunho is a strength and hope to others! Cadence is a 23 year old American girl who has been fighting leukemia for five years.  As you read below, she has got strength and courage to live, thanks to Yunho.  Her wish and dream is that Yunho reads her letter which expresses her gratitude to him. 

  • Fan Testimonies of their Experiences with TVXQ

    During the TVXQ Fan Event, many fans had the opportunity to approach Yunho and Changmin for their autographs. While doing so, many of them had special moments that they later tweeted about. Fan accounts of their interactions with TVXQ: Question: the stage which left the deepest impression on their minds Changmin: In the summer of

  • Fansign Event

    7th Album Fansign Music Plaza Lotte, Eland Cruise

  • Fansign Event

    7th Album Fansign Event – IFC Mall, Yeouido North Atrium

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