• Changmin’s #16 Gift to Fans

    On March 18th, SM Entertainment shared the 16th selfie of Changmin as a gift to TVXQ fans! This photo was taken backstage at T1ST0RY and reveals the sexy peek-a-boo transparent shirt that Changmin wore for his “Heaven’s Day” solo which melted the hearts of every Max fan and set us on fire with his passion

  • Yunho’s Gift to Fans (2nd to Last) Before Discharge

    As Yunho will be discharged on April 20th, fans anxiously anticipate his come back as a professional artist! His agency, SM Entertainment, shared his selfie with us, which is the 2nd to last one we will see before he is discharge from the Army. The self taken photo shows his charm in dark sunglasses, soft

  • Changmin’s #14 Monthly Gift

    Remember when Changmin appeared as a cast member on Cool Kidz on the Block? January’s Special Present #14 is from when he played badminton on the show! Watch the episodes Changmin was in HERE! Source: SMTown

  • Yunho’s 18th Monthly Present

    It’s hard not to giggle or even burst out laughing when we see this monthly gift that SM gave us from Yunho! Get a load of that hair!! This was taken during the filming for a T1ST0RY VCR and appears to be a selfie! TVXQ!_VCR-SHOWREEL from METAOLOZ on Vimeo. Source: SMTOWN

  • Changmin’s 11th Present

    October 18th means SM releases another present to fans from MAX! Just look how happy he is in this photo! Birdnest hair and all! No matter, he’s still devilishly handsome!

  • Yunho’s October #15 Present to Fans

    SM has shared the October 6th present from Yunho to fans. Seems like SM might have run out of selfies, because they shared this week’s GFF concert stage! On this day Yunho was also mentioned in the Japanese publication, Josei, for his activities in Ground Forces Festival! Source: SMTOWN TVXQ Star site

  • Changmin’s August Present #09

    SM has shared the 9th present from Changmin, a backstage photo taken at SMTown Tokyo. It seems to be a bit dark, but we can make out the Strawberry head from his Ichigo performance with Minho and Kyuhyun. Today on 8/18 the photo was shared on SM’s official site, which also marks 365 days, exactly

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