• AERA Interview with TOHOSHINKI

    Full Interview January Issue of AERA Magazine released on 12/25/2017 in #2 on Amazon Books. Person in Focus (on the magazine cover) Yunho : I always realize how huge the Tokyo Dome is while running around. During their live tours, Yunho goes to the gym for training and thanks to that he looks totally fit. Changmin

  • SPUR Interview with Tohoshinki

    SPUR Magazine with Tohoshinki Interview and cover topped the Amazon charts in the #1 spot for December. It was released on 12/21/2017 but is actually the February 2018 Issue. Profile: TOHOSHINKI Famous group among Asia; members are from the left Yunho (born 1886, A blood type) and Changmin (born 1988, B blood type). They debuted

  • TVXQ: “Let’s Date!” on CREA

    We Are T International Fan Club has a professional translator, from Japanese to English. Please do NOT repost this … you may link to it on SNS but don’t repost the article without permission. Thank you.     Translation: Spencer B Photos: as tagged, do not remove or edit

  • Yunho On Haru Hana

    Haru* Hana features Yunho on the cover, readers can purchase on November 22nd, full interview and photoshoot included. He left a video message to his fans:

  • Yunho’s Interview in Arena Homme Plus

    Now, (he has) returned. U-Know Yunho has returned. Returning from the army and, also as a cover model. In the period between the 2014 March issue and the 2017 June issue, he has at times, filled it up, and at times, reduced it. U-Know Yunho’s lines have widened. Of course, this could be a preconception.

  • Changmin Interviewed in haru*hana (Volume 33)

    haru*hana Vol. 33: OX (Yes & No) Questions 1) When you look at your own acting, you feel there is improvement? [YES] Personally, I’m still not very good at acting, still awkward, and I know that I’m still lacking a lot as an actor. Still, I think I have improved in the basics as compared

  • Grazia: Sneak Peek at Interview and Photos of Choikang Changmin!

    Prologue: The flight to LA is a little over 10 hours. For Shim Changmin who was still very busy even after the filming of Scholar Who Walks the Night had ended, this was a most suitable time for him to sleep. However, apart from occasionally rubbing his eyes, he was quietly reading. The book he

  • TVXQ Appear in ViVi May Issue 2015

    The ViVi May Issue 2015  will be Released on 3/23, BTS Video to be revealed on 3/23 ViVi will unveil TOHOSHINKI’s behind-the-scene vid on 3/23! Magazine to be released on the same date as well.

  • TVXQ in April Issue of What’s In – Japanese Magazine

    Released on March 14, 2015, TVXQ (Tohoshinki) is featured in the What’s In publication, April issue!   東方神起 日本デビューして10周年を迎える東方神起。今やアジアを代表するグループとなっている彼らだが、そんな存在へと押し上げてくれたのは、日本のファンのおかげだと明言する。大きな絆をより結びつけるため、ふたりは今、2度目の5大ドーム・ツアーを敢行中だ。 Translation:   Tohoshinki for WHAT’s IN (April ed), f: @onlyUknownMAX : It is them who have become the representative group in Asia, but declared that it is thanks to Japanese fans that they were boosted into such

  • SPUR Unreleased Photos

    What adorned the last page of the SPUR September issue “Tohoshinki Collection 2014″ was the cut of the background context setting whereby the 2 of them who are walking the finale of the SPUR runway. Therefore, unlike the facial expressions which they put on for pages 192~193, they had classy facial expressions. Here, a cut

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