• TVXQ #2 for Japan KPOP Concerts in 2017

    TVXQ‘s Begin Again Tour came in #2 spot for KPOP acts in Japan in 2017. Nikkei Entertainment released the top 50 artists of their “2017 Concert Crowd-Pullers” rankings and various Korean artists have had great results on the list! 1. BIGBANG – 1,022,000 2. TVXQ – 571,000 3. SHINee – 539,00 4. iKON – 463,000

  • TVXQ To Gather 900K on Dome Tour

    With the additional three days that were just announced by Avex, TVXQ is expected to gather over 860,000 fans in their ~Begin Again~ Dome Tour in Japan. On November 11 (11/11) the first of the leg will kick off in Sapporo, where fans are only hours away from greeting Yunho and Changmin with a warm

  • Light & Water Show in Fukuoka with Tohoshinki Songs

    Avex announced to BigEast, a special “Aqua Illumination” show at Fukuoka’s Canal City from 11/11 to 11/14, three times daily for five minutes each show. The light / water show will be synchronized to Tohoshinki’s songs. As a side note, Tohoshinki debuted in Japan in 2005, and one of their debut venues included Canal City!

  • Tohoshinki’s ~Begin Again~ Tour Goods Available for Pre-Order

    As of 3am CST the merchandise for Tohoshinki’s ~Begin Again~ Dome Tour are now available for pre-order! If you order today, the goods will ship by 11/9/2017. Goods include the iconic red lightstick with a new twist, a diamond shaped holder, to form a “T” when two lightsticks are attached! Other original goods include a

  • Producer & Stage Director Hideshi Hasegawa Wishes TVXQ Happy Birthday

    Japanese Producer and Stage Director Hideshi Hasegawa posts a message on Instagram for Yunho and Changmin. ちょっと遅くなっちゃったけど 6日はユノの誕生日でした。 来週の18日はチャンミンの誕生日です。 このところなんかバタバタしてて ようやくこのタイミングで落ち着いて 久しぶりに見たこのDVD。 信念が揺らぎそうだったオレだけど 自分が信じて来たことは間違ってなかったって、あらためてそう信じることができました。 久しぶりに泣いたわーっ! ユノ、チャンミン誕生日おめでとう。 そしてありがとう! ( ◠‿◠ ) #東方神起 #tvxq #tohoshinki #withツアー #withtour #ユノ誕生日おめでとう #チャンミン誕生日おめでとう #ユノ #チャンミン #ユノチャンミン A photo posted by 長谷川ヒデシ (@hideshi_gainsbourg) on Feb 9, 2017 at 10:18am PST A bit

  • Composer and Lyricist Attends TVXQ Film Concert

    We know that Tohoshinki back up dancers recently attended the Tokyo session of TILL, the Film concert, but now we heard from SNS that the world famous composer and lyricist, Shinjiroh Inoue also attended. The old man who got silver streamers (laughed). Initially, I felt a bit lost and wondering about the best way to

  • TVXQ Sales Kings

    TVXQ is the team with the largest sales amongst SM Entertainment agency artists. TVXQ has recorded the biggest sales amount of about 39 billion korean won. According to finance information company company, F&F Guide, last year, in Japan alone, TVXQ mobilized 750,000 people; the largest number of concert-goers (mobilized), showing that their popularity is alive

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