• Best Friends Bond Over Food

    TVXQ fans all know about Max Changmin’s love for good food, as he once called his refridgerator his wife. He displays his pleasure for food during his concerts, interviews, fan meets and even during his private time with his best friend, Super Junior’s Kyunhyun. Recently a TV show highlighted the two besties “Food Tour,” where

  • Minho Misses Changmin

    SHINee’s Minho is looking forward to receiving a call from his friend and soldier TVXQ’s Changmin. On April 2, the idol attended the press conference of his upcoming movie “Canola” also starring Yoon Yeo Jung and Kim Go Eun. The film has gained attention for marking Minho’s anticipated big screen debut. When asked about his

  • Changmin – Top 15 K-Celebrity Squad Goals to Admire

    Friendships among K-pop idols are truly admirable. Given their hectic schedules, our favorite idols still make time to hang out with friends in the entertainment industry — even going beyond their groups, agencies, and fields. As popularized by Taylor Swift herself, #SquadGoals is an aspirational term and hashtag used to describe what you’d like your

  • Kyuhyun & Changmin’s Embarrassing Secret Revealed

    Super Junior’s Kyuhyun appeared on the January 13 broadcast of MBC’s variety show “Radio Star.” On the show, he admitted to urinating in public withTVXQ’s Changmin. Kyuhyun was taken aback by a comment submitted to the show by a chauffeur for a driving service. The comment said, “I saw TVXQ’s Changmin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

  • KyuLine Heads to India, Without Changmin

    Incheon airport swarmed with KyuLine fans to see Changmin, Kyuhyun, Minho, Jonghyun, and Suho off as they head to India to film the upcoming anticipated variety show, “Pit-a-Pat India.” Fan accounts stated that Changmin was happy, laughing and shared his bright smile with everyone. His laughter resounded throughout the departure hall, and he was even

  • KyuLine in Variety Show in India!

    TVXQ’s Changmin, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun, EXO-K’s Suho and INFINITE’s Sungkyu have been confirmed for a KBS 2TV’s new variety program! On January 30th, it was confirmed that the six Hallyu stars will be featured in KBS 2TV’s new variety program, tentatively named Exciting India. They are expected to travel to India sometime in Feburary for a five-day shooting. There,

  • Changmins Selfies at VIP Premiere Cat’s Funeral

    At #Cat’sFuneral, is it the first time in perhaps a year that I am seeing (Changmin)? After seeing (him) at TVXQ’s concert last year~ (he) was prettily dressed in more splendor compared to the lead character, Kangin~ Young woon-ie (Kangin’s real name) will see a daebak coming since many friends showed support today! #MaxChangmin Please

  • Changmin in School Oz SM Hologram Musical

    SM Hologram Musical “School Oz” opens on 14 Jan 2015. “As a world’s first, SM Entertainment will showcase the hologram musical (floating method) “School Oz” on 14 Jan at the SMTown Theatre on the 5th level of their cultural complex space located in Samseong-dong, Seoul. The musical “School Oz” uses the background setting in the

  • ChangKyu’s Restaurant Tour

    The KyuLine remains strong as ever with the two leaders, Changmin and KyuHyun go across Korea in a few days and spend their time eating delicious traditional dishes. One fan from Twitter made a map of their travels: KyuHyun posted several photos on Twitter, solidifying their friendship while they ate their way across Korea: [TRANS]

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