• Mimi Premium Event in Japan

    Max Changmin is holding a solo event in Japan. In commemoration of the sale of the “Complete Edition DVD” for his starring drama “Mimi”, TVXQ’s Max Changmin will take part in the event which will be held in September. This event will be held for 2 rounds on September 2 at the Shibuya Public Hall.

  • Mimi Director Interview on DVD

    Part 1 Q1: Regarding Mimi A: M is the first concept we thought up for the drama… till now, the concept which we held on to and proceed with right from the start till the end, there was just one concept which we adopted from the start. And that is “An innocent drama about a

  • Moon Ga Young Speaks About Changmin Oppa

    About MGY working with various idol singers… MGY: “strangely, I get to work often with the idol oppas. Fortunately the fans of the oppas whom I have worked together with have looked upon me favorably and I also felt happy. Amongst the idols, the person whom I had the most complete chemistry was Changmin oppa.

  • Mimi Breaks Record while Hitting #1

    Mnet’s drama “Mimi”, which is written by Seo Yoosun and produced by Song Changsu, has ranked number one on Japan’s Oricon DVD Chart. “Mimi” starring TVXQ’s Changmin and actress Moon Gayoung officially ended mid March with total of four episodes. This romantic drama is based on the film “M” directed by Lee Myungsae.   According

  • Mimi #1 and Yawang #2 on Oricon Chart

    Max Changmin – U-Know Yunho, Entering the Japanese Oricon Charts at 1st and 2nd place with their respective dramas “Remarkable Power” Following their achievements with their music, TVXQ has swept the Japanese Oricon DVD Charts with the dramas which they have appeared as leads in. According to the Oricon charts on 27 March, TVXQ members

  • Changmin in Celebrity

    “Max Changmin, my heart races at the word called “actor” which is deeply entrenched in my heart” From his melancholic gaze, low speaking tone, to his bashful smile. Max Changmin, who possesses the looks of a first love whom anyone would have dreamed of at least once in their lives and who has made his

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