• TVXQ Measures “The Chance Of Love” In Sexy Comeback MV

    TVXQ has returned with their eighth studio album “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love”! Their title track “The Chance of Love” has a catchy hook and sexy guitar riff with elements of swing jazz. The lyrics of the song describe the idea of destiny in regards to love. TVXQ’s latest release marks their first

  • TVXQ unveils the full MV of Japanese track ‘Reboot’

    TVXQ unveiled the full version of their newest Japanese track titled “Reboot”. The lengthy video consisted scenes from the previously shown short version as the duo demonstrated their powerful charisma. The fantasy/sci-fi concept seems strikingly similar to their image from their earlier days. Watch the clip below! Source: AKP

  • U-Know Yunho Makes Triumphant Return With Powerful “Drop” MV

    TVXQ’s Yunho is back with the release of the music video for his solo track “Drop”! The video was released on SM’s V Live channel as a part of the SM STATION series and signals the triumphant return of TVXQ’s Yunho in a powerful and gritty music video that fits the dance track. This is

  • Yunho’s Second Teaser for DROP MV Revealed with BTS Photos!

    Naver Starcast: Ultra super great great~!   U-Know and MAX, who made our hearts flutter with their unchanging handsomeness at V app, #Too much handsome #I’m the only one #who’s getting old ;( This week, they’re going to come back with new tracks for SM STATION Season 2 on Sept. 25 and 28. And U-Know

  • Avex Releases Two of Us MV’s Starring Junpei Mizobata

    Confused Tohoshinki fans are still wondering why Avex chose to use Junpei Mizobata in all three MV’s of the newly released Remix version of Two of Us Music Videos. Not only was there no explanation as to why they selected the actor, (because he isn’t part of their label), but also, even more frustrating, the

  • Yunho, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Sungmin Proudly Rep the ROK Army in MV

    Super Junior’s Sungmin, Eunhyuk, and Shindong along with TVXQ’s Yunho repped the ROK Army the best way they possibly could: through song and dance! In an MV which was shared on ROK Army’s official YouTube page, the idols perform to the “Military Personnel Anthem,” a powerful and inspiring track meant to proudly represent all the

  • TVXQ’s Yunho Reveals Teaser Video for First Japanese Solo Release

    It was announced in earlier news that TVXQ‘s Yunho will be releasing his first ever Japanese solo album titled “U KNOW Y.” To follow up, Avex Network recently released a teaser video of “Burning Down,” one of the new songs in Yunho’s solo album. Watch the teaser below: His solo album will also include “Tattoos

  • TVXQ’s 10th Anniversary Song: Sakuramichi

    Duo TVXQ is celebrating their 10th anniversary in Japan with their upcoming single “Sakuramichi,” and has unveiled a short promotional video for their title song ahead of the single’s release. Releasing a ballad single for their 10th anniversary celebration in Japan, Yunhoand Changmin sing of their desires and anxieties in “Sakuramichi” as they travel together

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