• Grazia: Sneak Peek at Interview and Photos of Choikang Changmin!

    Prologue: The flight to LA is a little over 10 hours. For Shim Changmin who was still very busy even after the filming of Scholar Who Walks the Night had ended, this was a most suitable time for him to sleep. However, apart from occasionally rubbing his eyes, he was quietly reading. The book he

  • Grazia Releases Photos of Changmin’s LA Photoshoot

    Grazia Magazine releases a sneak peek of Changmin’s LA photo shoot on their social media Instagram and Facebook: 동방신기 최강창민 화보를 발매에 앞서 공개할게요! 지난 달 LA에서 진행된 이번 화보 속 최강창민은 편안한 실루엣의 맨투맨과 브라운 컬러의 오일스톤 다운 점퍼를 데님과 매치해 남성적인 매력을 물씬 드러냈답니다.👀 최강창민의 화보 및 인터뷰는 11월 20일 발행되는 #그라치아 #12월1호(#통권_제_67호)에서

  • Grazia Goes Street for Changmin’s Photoshoot

    Changmin seems to be in the best of hands with the Grazia magazine here in Los Angeles. One of the staff members, Hanna Choi, reporter, shared a few teasers on her personal IG and Grazia shared a cute and fluffy selfie taken by the Selca Master himself! The location of his photoshoot was revealed to

  • Yunho’s Gift to Us

    SM shared some photos of Yunho, as a gift to us, that he personally took at a photo session, while monitoring the outcome on screen. Astute fans noticed that for the past two months in a row fans were given ‘gifts from Yunho’ on the 6th, which is his birth date anniversary (February 6th). So

  • SPUR Unreleased Photos

    What adorned the last page of the SPUR September issue “Tohoshinki Collection 2014″ was the cut of the background context setting whereby the 2 of them who are walking the finale of the SPUR runway. Therefore, unlike the facial expressions which they put on for pages 192~193, they had classy facial expressions. Here, a cut

  • Ti Amo Photobook Scans

    We Are T has uploaded HQ scans that we obtained from fan(sites). They are all uploaded on our FaceBook album so be sure to check them out here: Ti Amo Facebook Photo Album Please do not remove the logos of the original scans.

  • Ti Amo DVD Cuts (Yunho)

    Behind the scenes cuts from the Ti Amo DVD – Yunho Focus Yunho & Baby Boarding the tram Yunho & Yo Yo Yunho on Train Yunho Kayaking Yunho speaking – Kayak and bandana Yunho wine tasting and winery (w/Vat) Yunho on dock by lake Yunho & Changmin walking bikes Yunho riding bike & whistling Yunho

  • AnAn Cover Story

    Japanese fans as well as fans worldwide have been waiting in anticipation for the March release of AnAn since Tohoshinki is covered! Here is a brief view at their photos and a quick Q&A. The photo session was taken place in winter in Seoul. Question: Can you give a message to the readers of AnAn?

  • TVXQ Revealed in Grazia – Yunho’s Interview

      Yunho’s Personal Thoughts Grazia: Although TVXQ was formed as a band for a long time now, on a personal basis, what have you been thinking about lately? Yunho: I think about my life’s philosophy, and I am inventing this and that. I suddenly gained inspiration and invented something, and right now the situation is

  • TVXQ Personality Charts

    Choikang Changmin Chart Culture – Ballads – R&B Living – Audio – Camera – Sports car Food – Wine – Mexican food Fashion – Shoes Sports – Basketball – Baseball Travel – Backpacking – Food travelling Choikang Changmin Looking at the analysis chart which Choikang Changmin personally drew up about his various interests, one could

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