• Yunho’s #19 Monthly Present to Fans

    Yunho’s 19th monthly gift appears to have been photographed at a Ski Resort this weekend, with him holding a birthday cake from SM. Source: SMTown

  • Changmin’s #14 Monthly Gift

    Remember when Changmin appeared as a cast member on Cool Kidz on the Block? January’s Special Present #14 is from when he played badminton on the show! Watch the episodes Changmin was in HERE! Source: SMTown

  • Yunho’s 18th Monthly Present

    It’s hard not to giggle or even burst out laughing when we see this monthly gift that SM gave us from Yunho! Get a load of that hair!! This was taken during the filming for a T1ST0RY VCR and appears to be a selfie! TVXQ!_VCR-SHOWREEL from METAOLOZ on Vimeo. Source: SMTOWN

  • Yunho’s November Present

    It’s November 6th which means we get Yunho’s monthly present from SM! This photo was taken during one of their Shilla Duty Free shoots as revealed in these photos: His up-do hairstyle is a bit reminiscent of Ace Ventura, right? Regardless, he is still as handsome as ever! We have also learned via SNS from

  • Changmin’s 11th Present

    October 18th means SM releases another present to fans from MAX! Just look how happy he is in this photo! Birdnest hair and all! No matter, he’s still devilishly handsome!

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