• Scholar Who Walks the Night Promotions in Japan

    For a second time, the Scholar Who Walks the Night is releasing a BluRay and DVD boxset in Japan, and this time the promotional set includes posters, limited edition book markers and photobooks. This boxset is different from the first one that was released, as it includes different BTS out-takes as well! Unfortunately no English

  • Scholar Who Walks the Night Awarded #1 Historical Drama

    DramaFever is a well established KDrama streaming site that awarded Scholar Who Walks the Night as the Best Historical Drama in 2015. The announcement was made at their 2016 Fourth Annual DramaFever Awards announced on June 28, 2016 at KCON NY! Over 1,889,384 fans voted for the awards. BEST ACTRESS – Park Bo Young in

  • Scholar Who Walks the Night Interviews with Changmin

    Several Interviews about Scholar Who Walks the Night Changmin’s Interview Q: The thing that you put the most focus on when you chose this work? A: I wanted to be in a drama before I enlisted, so I looked over a lot of works. Among those, “Scholar Who Walks the Night” had a lot of

  • MBC Selects 11 Best Photos From Its 2015 Dramas: Changmin!

    Photographer Kim Dong Hwan takes photos on the set the of drama filmings for MBC. He shares his selection of what he thinks are the best photos from MBC dramas this year, both as stills from the actual scene in the dramas and others he took while hanging out around the actors on the scene.

  • Changmin Interviewed in haru*hana (Volume 33)

    haru*hana Vol. 33: OX (Yes & No) Questions 1) When you look at your own acting, you feel there is improvement? [YES] Personally, I’m still not very good at acting, still awkward, and I know that I’m still lacking a lot as an actor. Still, I think I have improved in the basics as compared

  • TVXQ: the Kings of Export for Dramas in 2015

    Choikang Changmin’s “Scholar Who Walks the Night” commands $140,000 USD per episode; and U-Know Yunho’s “I Order You”, $350,000 USD for the web drama. The currently enlisted TVXQ have been crowned this year’s drama kings of export. TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin and U-Know Yunho’s respective historical drama and web drama, were sold to Japan for the

  • Changmin’s Sneak Peek Interview in Ori Star

    On November 20th the December issue of Ori Star, a Japanese magazine hit the stands, and Yahoo Japan posted a sneak peek of the interview! Changmin challenged his first period drama in Scholar Who Walks the Night. Following after TOHOSHINKI Yunho, the Changmin who is waiting to enlist. He who promised to make a leap

  • TVXQ Changmin Interview on Korean TV Drama Guide Magazine

    Q: Why did you choose this drama as your last work before enlisting? A: Out of all the offers I received, the original book (the basis of the drama) was already very popular and the synopsis was interesting to me. Especially, the character, Lee Yoon was captivating and I felt that he had something deep

  • TVXQ’s Changmin Successfully Completes Last Schedule Before Enlistment

    TVXQ‘s Changmin completed his final official schedule before enlistment. On November 5, Changmin attended a fan meet event at Japan’s Yokohama Arena for the drama “Scholar Who Walks the Night.” Reflecting TVXQ’s ticket power, the fan meet drew over 26,000 fans over two events in one day. While Changmin didn’t use the word “enlistment” during the

  • Scholar Who Walks the Night Fan Meeting Sold Out!

    The Scholar Who Walk the Night fan meeting to be held on November 5th, 2015 at Yokohama Arena has completely sold out. Changmin will appear along side costars, Yubi and Lee Soohyuk, and the popularity of the event has required the promoters to see “restrictd view” seats, which allows a partial view of the stage,

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