• TVXQ Releases Teasers for Solos on SM Station

    TVXQ fans are in for a long awaited treat this upcoming week, which has been deemed as “TVXQ! Week” by SM and the media. The individual solos seem to match their personalities and individual charm! Yunho’s solo stunned fans during SMTown Seoul and Japan, “DROP” which was very much a full dance performance piece. It

  • TVXQ Singles Soon to be Released

    How excited are you to hear the new solo’s by Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ in just a few weeks?! The internet has started the countdown!! If you click on THIS PAGE, you will see a REAL TIME countdown for the releases! Both releases, Yunho’s DROP, and Changmin’s song is still unknown, will be available

  • Yunho’s Final Army Performance Becomes His “Solo” Concert

    With TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho’s discharge coming up he had his final army event stage which was like that of a concert’s. On the 1st, U-Know Yunho showed his flashy dance skills and stage manners at the Concert For Citizens and Army Personnel in Yangju, which was his last as a soldier, exciting the audience. That

  • TVXQ! Fans Honor Yunho with Cover of Champagne MV

    When I have attended Tohoshinki concerts in Japan in the past, I’ve always enjoyed the enthusiasm and passion that BigEast (Official TVXQ! fan club in Japan) have for U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin. Like most fans, Japanese fans are energetic, dedicated and truly respect the artistry of TVXQ’s music and performance; and Japanese fans often

  • TVXQ’s Yunho Reveals Teaser Video for First Japanese Solo Release

    It was announced in earlier news that TVXQ‘s Yunho will be releasing his first ever Japanese solo album titled “U KNOW Y.” To follow up, Avex Network recently released a teaser video of “Burning Down,” one of the new songs in Yunho’s solo album. Watch the teaser below: His solo album will also include “Tattoos

  • Round 3: Bulk Preorder Purchase, Closing Soon!

    This is crazy!!! But it really goes to show the power of Yunho’s charisma and talent! We have had to close out two surveys already because the responses have surpassed the allowed amount! Here is ROUND 3 for the Uknow Y CD Bulk Preorder: Due to overwhelming demand, we will close this survey after the

  • UKNOW Y Bulk Preorder FAQ

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) 1. I live in the US, how much postage will I have to pay? As we do not have the exact weight of the CD and packaging yet we can only estimate. You are able to get exact amounts from USPS.com (without insurance or tracking) OR from FEDEX.com using our shipping

  • Round 2: BULK ORDERS for UKNOW Y CDs!

    TVXQ Fans: We have run into an issue with the original survey we launched! Apparently we are limited to only 50 responses per survey and we received over 100! So we must launch a NEW round for the additional 50 or so. If you DID NOT receive a confirmation email from us then we did

  • Tohoshinki’s Yunho to Release First Ever Solo Album “U Know Y” in Japan

    Good news for fans of Tohoshinki‘s Yunho – the talented and handsome member of Tohoshinki will be releasing his first ever solo mini album! On May 25, Tohoshinki’s Japanese management company Avex announced that on July 8, Yunho will be releasing his first solo mini album, “U KNOW Y.” The new album will include a

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