I AM HERE BESIDE YOU Performance is TVXQ’s Strongest Weapon! “The tower that TVXQ has erected, cannot be torn down. Because they are artists that, after resting for just a minute, say “One more time?” while adjusting the choreography formation.” Jaewon Shim, Performance Director Even with just two people, without an empty space on stage,

  • TVXQ Motif Design Revealed

    The design of the last TVXQ T1ST0RY motif was explained at a display in the SUM Coex Artium, along with new goods created with the motif. The theme behind the design is “thesis, antithesis, synthesis,” reflecting Yunho and Changmin’s silhouetted profiles featured side by side, then in juxtaposition. The silhouettes appear to come from their

  • Producer Jaewon Shim Shares Memorable Photos of TVXQ!

    On December 5 and 6, Jaewon Shim shared several photos of TVXQ, both behind the scenes of the concert and at rehearsal! These photos were taken a year ago. 동방신기 마지막 리허설 날이였던걸로 기억한다. T1ST0RY 콘서트 이후 벌써 1년이란 시간이 흐르다니. 시간 참빠르다. 이처럼 금방 건강모습으로 웃는 모습들 볼수 있기를. – – #TVXQ #T1ST0RY #LsatRehearsalDay

  • TVXQ Lights Up Bangkok with T1ST0RY Live Special!

    TVXQ gave their full energy and passion into their T1ST0RY Live Special in Bangkok for their Thai fans! After reading many fan accounts and watching several fancams, it was no doubt a very moving moment for fans that travel from around the world to attend one of their final ‘overseas’ concerts before Yunho enlists. SMTown


    Have you ordered the T1ST0RY LIVE DVD yet? It is now available as of May 29th for $40USD in Seoul! ⋈ PRODUCT INFORMATION ► DVD + 1st Press Poster + Special Color Photobook (100p) + Concert Making Videos ※ Poster is guaranteed for preorders before item release date; subjected to availability for ordering after item


    T1ST0RY in Seoul to be released on May 29, Includes a special color photo book (100pages) of the concert and a making of video with recordings of special performances including rehearsals, in the waiting room, personal interviews. Where to pre-order kpopmart: $35.90 USD (with/without poster during pre-order) kpoptown: $34.90 USD ktown4U: $34.35 USD (without poster)

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