• TVXQ #2 for Japan KPOP Concerts in 2017

    TVXQ‘s Begin Again Tour came in #2 spot for KPOP acts in Japan in 2017. Nikkei Entertainment released the top 50 artists of their “2017 Concert Crowd-Pullers” rankings and various Korean artists have had great results on the list! 1. BIGBANG – 1,022,000 2. TVXQ – 571,000 3. SHINee – 539,00 4. iKON – 463,000

  • 東方神起 on ViVi January Edition

    Feast your eyes on our two handsome members of Tohoshinki, Yunho and Max Changmin, behind the scenes as they pose for the photo shoot for Vivi! The release date of the issue will be on November 22, 2017. Previously released clip on vivichannel:

  • Asia’s Superstar TVXQ! Who Waited & Waited has Finally Revived!

    “Asia’s superstar TVXQ! Who waited and waited was finally revived” News of the resumption of activities of ‘K-POP’ TVXQ! (SM Entertainment) is getting attention of Asia every day. TVXQ! Will be held on 21 and 22 in three cities including Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong. ASIA PRESS TOUR ‘, and the local media also highlighted


    OMG! Only two days to apply for SUPER PREMIUM SEATS for Tohoshinki Tour! And Avex’s BE site just crashed!! The popularity of the Gods of the East are NO JOKE!!! Only Exclusive members who have maintained their membership for over 6 years can apply! Here is the official email translated with Google, we can’t wait

  • Tohoshinki Praised on National Broadcast in Japan

    Today on a national broadcast, Chikako Kaku-san, well known announcer, praised Tohoshinki, and expressed her desire to have them reunited again on stage in Japan. She specially praised Yunho’s sexy hips, and cool moves, and Changmin’s body. Really she is spot on! We all want to see them together again on stage! 全国放送某テレビで賀来 千香子さんが熱~く❗❗トンを語ってくださって、本当にありがとうございます(^^)ユノの腰つきセクシー♥チャンミンの♥と体♥も~お褒めの言葉ばかり、ありがとうございます👍#東方神起 pic.twitter.com/BFI8SFMWc2

  • TILL2 in Yokohama Gathers Fans Even Without TVXQ!

    Tohoshinki’s popularity in Japan continues to reign strong, as fans gather for two days, April 17th and 18th, to attend the TILL2 Film Concert in Yokohama Arena! Special guests that attended included the director/producer, Sam-san; the lead Tohoshinki band keyboard player, Kakizaki (Kakiyan-san) Yoichiro and two back up dancers Rui and Kodai. Fans tweeted some

  • Producer & Stage Director Hideshi Hasegawa Wishes TVXQ Happy Birthday

    Japanese Producer and Stage Director Hideshi Hasegawa posts a message on Instagram for Yunho and Changmin. ちょっと遅くなっちゃったけど 6日はユノの誕生日でした。 来週の18日はチャンミンの誕生日です。 このところなんかバタバタしてて ようやくこのタイミングで落ち着いて 久しぶりに見たこのDVD。 信念が揺らぎそうだったオレだけど 自分が信じて来たことは間違ってなかったって、あらためてそう信じることができました。 久しぶりに泣いたわーっ! ユノ、チャンミン誕生日おめでとう。 そしてありがとう! ( ◠‿◠ ) #東方神起 #tvxq #tohoshinki #withツアー #withtour #ユノ誕生日おめでとう #チャンミン誕生日おめでとう #ユノ #チャンミン #ユノチャンミン A photo posted by 長谷川ヒデシ (@hideshi_gainsbourg) on Feb 9, 2017 at 10:18am PST A bit

  • Tohoshinki New Years Message to BigEast Members

    It’s 2017 and our handsome, hard working soldier and police man who are still Tohoshinki, left us New Years messages via the AVEX fan club, BigEast! Yunho’s New Year Message To Bigeast ~♫ Happy New Year! This is Yunho of Tohoshinki! Are you all well? It is already 2017. I am really looking forward to

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