• TVXQ To Appear on Knowing Brothers Sept 28th!

    Today, September 22nd, JTBC revealed TVXQ! would be appearing on the hit Knowing Brothers variety talk show. They’re set to film on the 28th, while viewers can expect their episode to air mid-October. TVXQ also mentioned in a previous interview that the variety show they’d like to guest on most is ‘Knowing Brothers’. This program

  • TVXQ on Samma no Mamma

    Tohoshinki appears on Samma no Mamma with MC Sanma-san! TVXQ’s surprised expressions when they find out Sanma-san has heard of “Super Junior’s SUPERMAN” song. 1467manma by ROMGUN Yunho and Changmin’s embarrassed expressions when Samna-san asks TVXQ if they want to be together. (WHO IS THIS MAN!? I LOVE HIM FOR ASKING THESE QUESTIONS!) Tohoshinki on

  • TVXQ on Music Dragon

    MUSIC DRAGON TVXQ appears on Music Dragon, translation below starts at the 6:15 mark! Such cute interactions! MC: The things that each Tohoshinki member wants each other to fix. First is what does Yunho want Changmin to fix? It’s this: “STOP TEMPTING ME WITH YOUR MIDNIGHT MEAL” MC: Ehhhh? What does that mean? Yunho: So

  • Fanvids and Dom/Sub Conversations with TVXQ!

    March 12, 2014 Beatles Code revealed: When Yunho and Changmin started their activities as a duo, they often had fights/quarrels/arguments. On Beatles Code 3D, they were asked, “It has been four years since you two started to work as a duo. Have you been fighting more or do you have a better relationship since you

  • Beatles Code

    March 11, 2014 [Full]140311 TVXQ! – Beatles Code by TVXQTreasure

  • TVXQ Surprises Girls’ High School on Golden Bell

    712th episode – Seoul Haesung Girls’ High School The stars of the music industry! TVXQ’s surprise attack on Haesung Girls’ High School! Their appearance which shocked everybody at the venue! The stars of the music industry! TVXQ has made a surprise attack on the recording venue of Haesung Girls’ High School’s Golden Bell! Singers TVXQ,

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