Today on a discussion board in Korea, a fan posted a sneak preview of the SM scheduled album releases for 2017: March – BoA mini album April – Taeyeon Repackaged Album, NCT127 Full Album May – EXO CBX 2nd mini album, Krystal mini album June – NCT 127 Repackaged album, Taemin 2nd album July –

  • Return of the TVXQ Kings

    A Naver article emphasized the Return of the Kings, TVXQ! as they will soon be discharged from the military. U-Know Yunho will be discharged in April and Changmin will follow in August. The article lauds the popularity of the group, describing the massive attraction in Japan especially. IN SM’s case, this year is the “year

  • TVXQ to Discharge & Comeback in 2017

    Firstly, U-Know Yunho enlisted last 2015 will be discharged this coming April. In basic training, U-Know Yunho got chosen as “Best Recruit” which showed his exceptional ability, and in his current posting at the 26th Mechanized Infantry Division, he got selected as Special Class Soldier and so on, standing out even in the army. Choikang

  • Happy New Year 2017 from TVXQ!

    Yunho’s New Year message: Year of the Fire Rooster~ The new year of 2017 or the yer of “discharge” has arrived! It seems there will be many very heart-throbbing things so I’m already excited! As I will not forget the dueties of being a solidier until the very end, and will return handsomely~ please just

  • Happy 13th Anniversary TVXQ!

    December 13th Debut Anniversary Today, December 26th, TVXQ celebrates 13 years since making their debut in 2003 on Korean TV with their first hit song, HUG. Many have followed the fandom since 2003, but most of us have joined the sometime after their debut, some becoming fans after Yunho and Changmin came back as a

  • AVEX Presents 2017 TVXQ Calendar

    Each year SM and AVEX delight fans with their favorite celebrity calendars, however this year SM will not be selling one of TVXQ to the dismay of fans. However, thanks to AVEX TVXQ fans get to enjoy the upcoming New Year’s calendar of Tohoshinki! Starting on January 31st, 2017, we can order the limited desk

  • SoCal TVXQ Fan Club Reunion: 13th Anniversary Party

    Dear Southern California Cassiopeia Fans: WE ARE T International Fan Club will be holding a celebration in honor of TVXQ’s 13th Anniversary in Korea Town, Los Angeles on Saturday, December 10th, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. The exact location will be announced after Thanksgiving, but please SAVE THE DATE! CLICK HERE TO RSVP!!! We will also

  • HELiOPHiLiA Teaser is Adorable

    TVXQ fans gave up on saving money while the members were enlisted after the first few months! Thanks to SM and Avex, we have been blessed with a steady flow of merchandise including an album remix, various merchandise goods at SUM Coex Stores, Film Concert & Fan Meets (which they didn’t even attend) and now

  • TVXQ’s HELiOPHiLiA Photobook: Samui

    One of my favorite phrases I learned in Japanese, is “kita!” When something or someone arrives, for example, it’s like saying, “It’s here!” I can scream it from the rooftops, “KITAAAA!” TVXQ fans have been long awaiting this announcement from SM Entertainment! Last year, Yunho and Changmin traveled to Thailand, followed by persistent Thai fans,

  • Poll: Top 10 KPOP Songs from Boy Bands over the Past 20 Years

    AllKPOP posted a “Top 10” list of songs by BigBang, H.O.T., god, EXO, SHINee, BEAST, and of course TVXQ! amongst others! #7 TVXQ’s Rising Sun Now we’re getting into the territory when YouTube videos weren’t in HD and maxed out at 360p. Released in 2005, “Rising Sun,” was featured in ‘Fast & Furious’ in the

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