• Cool Kiz on the Block Ep 45

    Published on Feb 18, 2014 Last Basketball Game, Cool Kiz vs. Seoul; It’s the last basketball game. It is the end of a 5-month journey. The coaches analyze the opponent to make up for the humiliating defeat. The opponent is one of the top three teams in Seoul. Will the Cool Kiz have a nice

  • Cool Kiz on the Block Ep 44

    Published on Feb 11, 2014 The Cool Kiz Go for Field Training; The Cool Kiz were defeated by the Daejeon team. They go to Gochang, Jeollabuk-do for field training. They make a wish list to plan their own training. They also say goodbye to Changmin

  • Cool Kiz on the Block Ep 43

    Published on Feb 4, 2014 Sixth Basketball Game, Cool Kiz vs. Daejeon; The sixth basketball game is against Daejeon. John goes to spy on the Daejeon team. A new member joins the team, Shin Yongjae. Will the Cool Kiz win yet another game? What is the result of the game against the Daejeon team?

  • Cool Kiz on the Block EP 42

    Published on Jan 28, 2014 Badminton Returns 2; The great game continues! Nichkhun’s true skills are revealed! Ha Taekwon and Lee Dongsu’s fight for pride isn’t over yet. The living legends of badminton play against Korean warriors. Park Joobong and Kim Dongmoon vs. Lee Yongdae and Yoo Yeonseong. What is the result of that game?

  • What CKOTB Taught Changmin

    TVXQ member Changmin revealed his feelings on concluding the basketball season. The February 4th episode of KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Our Neighborhood Arts and Sports” featured Kang Ho Dong, Park Jin Young, Suh Ji Suk, Julien Kang, Kim Hyuk, Lee Hye Jung, Changmin, John Park, and Shin Yong Jae, who played their last game of

  • Yunho Supports Changmin

    TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho has shown off his strong loyalty towards Max Changmin. U-Know Yunho was captured in the spectator stands at “Cool Kidz”. The match with the Seoul team to be broadcast today (Feb 4) on “Cool Kidz” will be the closing match for the basketball expedition which has lasted 4 months. On this day,

  • Superstar Max Ventures into Variety

    KBS variety program “Cool Kidz” is a fascinating program, with it straddling many arenas. This variety program on public broadcast networks has famous celebrities appearing behind Kang Ho Dong and as its name suggests, its aim is “neighborhood-ization”. While going around this neighborhood and that neighborhood, they held competitions with the surrounding neighbors in table

  • Changmin’s Tears

    Changmin shed tears of regret and thanks on his last episode of “Cool Kiz on the Block”. He revealed that he had told himself not to cry before coming to the set but, as soon as he watched the goodbye video messages the cast had recorded for him, he could not hold back. He also

  • Cool Kiz Episode 37

    Published on Dec 17, 2013 – The Cool Kiz won by 1 point last week. They finally go to JYP’s place. The captain prepared a nice barbecue. – Cool Kiz meet the god of basketball! Coach Heo Jae! The members receive a mission to score 10 points against the KCC EGIS team. Will they succeed?

  • Cool Kiz Episode 38

    Published on Dec 24, 2013 The Cool Kiz head off to an overseas away game. They will play against a Japanese club. Will the Cool Kiz win?

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