• BigEast Staff Update with Yunho

    I missed you~♫ I really missed you~! I love you all as well… -U.Know- (Written in Osaka-ben) =========== The King is back!!! 170715 SMTOWN LIVE in Osaka 4#정윤호 #유노윤호 #Yunho #ユノ pic.twitter.com/aTBQpyLH6V — DOUBLE CROWN (@W_crown26218) July 16, 2017 Trans: snxy

  • Osaka Showers Love All Over Yunho

    “Don’t use any fandom colored lightsticks,” SM said. “Only use the the official SMTown wristband only,” they said. BigEast fans, who have been waiting for TVXQ for two years responded, “Thanks, but no thanks!” While their beloved Yunho performed his heart out on stage, BigEast fans that filled the Kyocera Dome, showed the 31 year

  • The Celebrity – Yunho Issue ENG Translation

    Thanks to some awesome fans (Japan Amour) we have an English translation, a beautiful rendition of Yunho’s Celebrity Issue! Thanks to Japan Amour for the translation!

  • JeJu Air Promoted by TVXQ’s Yunho

    The skies above South Korea are a lot brighter and friendlier now that Jeju Air has chosen TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho as a promotional ambassador! Yunho’s images are now found on many promotional materials, including their unique plane wrapping. He will be joined by Choikang Changmin once Changmin is discharged from his conscripted military service in

  • Yunho Casted as Clairvoyant in Mystery Comedy Drama

    TVXQ’s Yunho will return with a drama! According to a number of broadcast insiders on May 25th, Yunho has recently been chose for the male lead for the drama “Meloholic.” “Meloholic” is a romantic mystery comedy work based on the webtoon with the same name. It tells the story between a man with with ESP

  • Yunho’s Interview in Arena Homme Plus

    Now, (he has) returned. U-Know Yunho has returned. Returning from the army and, also as a cover model. In the period between the 2014 March issue and the 2017 June issue, he has at times, filled it up, and at times, reduced it. U-Know Yunho’s lines have widened. Of course, this could be a preconception.

  • SMTown Seoul Announced: Yunho on Line Up!

    SMTown Seoul has been announced and TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho is included in the line up! SMTown World Tour VI, organized by Dream Maker Entertainment kicks off in Seoul on July 8th will include all active SM artists. Tickets will be sold on Yes24 on 5/30 at 8pm KST and international fans can expect a Global

  • Yunho’s Stunning Cover on Arena Homme

    U-know Yunho has returned. U-Know Yunho who was discharged from the army on the 20th is the cover model for the June issue of men’s fashion magazine, Arena Homme Plus. This is the first pictorial through which he will meet fans and by which at the photo shoot venue, the heart-fluttering him had filled the

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