• Yunho Rocks Us with UL-OS CF!

    Yunho has been signed as with men’s cosmetic sponsor, UL-OS. Originally a Japanese brand, they’ve now got a stronghold on the Korean market for men’s products. Get ready to be rocked!

  • Yunho’s iFans Donate 1K Books to Children’s Library

    Yunho’s fans donated 1,000 picture books for him. His fans had already helped build a small library last year for citizens of his hometown Gwangju by donating 27 million KRW (approximately 25,000 USD). International fans came together once again to donate 1,000 picture books to the library. The library will open officially in April next

  • Yunho on Amusement Park Date

    On November 20, OCN drama “Melo Holic” released stills of Yunho and Kyung Soo Jin’s amusement park date. “Melo Holic” is a fantasy-romance drama about Yoo Eun Ho (played by Yunho), a man with the ability to read women’s minds through touch, and Han Ye Ri (played by Kyung Soo Jin), who has a split-personality. In the first

  • Yunho On Haru Hana

    Haru* Hana features Yunho on the cover, readers can purchase on November 22nd, full interview and photoshoot included. He left a video message to his fans:

  • 3 Reasons Why You’ll Get Addicted To “Melo Holic”

    OCN fantasy drama Melo Holic has been gaining a lot of attention despite only having aired a few episodes. The drama has especially been praised for Yunho’s diverse acting. Here are three things that make “Melo Holic” so addicting! 1. Special Powers Although in the beginning, he was an innocent guy who got cheated on by his

  • Choi Dae Chul Praises “Melo Holic” Co-Star Yunho For His Admirable Personality

    During a press conference held for OCN’s upcoming drama, “Melo Holic,” actor Choi Dae Chul had nothing but the upmost praise for his co-star, TVXQ’s Yunho. “I can say this with confidence. Yunho is a really good person,” Choi Dae Chul stated. The actor explained that he came to realize this more as time passed,

  • Yunho’s Halloween Costume Revealed, and Changmin’s Influence Continues

    Cassiopeia fans were thrilled to see TVXQ’s Yunho dressed as One Piece’s Zoro character for the SM Town Halloween party! Fans recall an interview in MORE Magazine in November 2012, five years ago where Yunho mentioned that Zoro reminded him of Changmin: Q: Did you recommend something for each other recently? YH: He recommended One

  • TVXQ Writes Letters of Thanks and Appreciation to Each Other

    These letters were shared during the YouR PresenT fan meeting in Seoul, and have recently been uploaded by SM Entertainment. Yunho’s Letter to Changmin TO. Pretty Chwangdollie, It’s a little embarrassing for me that I’m writing such a letter. I’m not the type to write words well but it’s a totally new feeling since we’ll

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