• Avex Releases Two of Us MV’s Starring Junpei Mizobata

    Confused Tohoshinki fans are still wondering why Avex chose to use Junpei Mizobata in all three MV’s of the newly released Remix version of Two of Us Music Videos. Not only was there no explanation as to why they selected the actor, (because he isn’t part of their label), but also, even more frustrating, the

  • HELiOPHiLiA Teaser is Adorable

    TVXQ fans gave up on saving money while the members were enlisted after the first few months! Thanks to SM and Avex, we have been blessed with a steady flow of merchandise including an album remix, various merchandise goods at SUM Coex Stores, Film Concert & Fan Meets (which they didn’t even attend) and now

  • Changmin Performed at the SMPA Auditorium for a Farewell Ceremony

    Much thanks to the news media for reporting on Changmin’s performance at the Police Farewell Ceremony for departing police commissioner! “Choikang Changmin who is passionately singing” Changmin performing 그날을 기억하며 (“As I Remember the Day) at the SMPA auditorium today (September 23, 2016) for a farewell ceremony which was for the outgoing police commissioner, Lee Sang Won.

  • ROKA’s Promo Clip with Yunho Blesses Fans with 30 Seconds of EPICNESS

    Thanks to the Republic of Korea’s Army, fans go to see 30 seconds of Yunho that we’ve not seen before. The rehearsal shorts, the close ups, the POWER of it all! Translation: TVXQ, idol, Hallyu star, Leader Jung, U-Know, Suit U-Know, Special Class Soldier, Soldier, Passion, Indeed a Leader, What’s Up, You are So Cool,

  • BigEast Question #60 Can We Be Friends?

    Q.男女の友情は成立すると思いますか?YESorNOでお答えください? Q. Do you think men and women can establish a platonic friendship? Please answer with YES or NO. YUNHO: I don’t know~♫ I can’t be sure~ CHANGMIN: Yes? It may be possible but… I don’t particularly like it. translation: snxy

  • TVXQ’s HELiOPHiLiA Photobook: Samui

    One of my favorite phrases I learned in Japanese, is “kita!” When something or someone arrives, for example, it’s like saying, “It’s here!” I can scream it from the rooftops, “KITAAAA!” TVXQ fans have been long awaiting this announcement from SM Entertainment! Last year, Yunho and Changmin traveled to Thailand, followed by persistent Thai fans,

  • Changmin and SMPA Performance

    The SMPA and Changmin performed on September 9th, 2016. Please see fan videos and link to photo album below. Running Across the Sky Rokugo / Oppa Oppa Dangerous / Smooth Criminal Facebook Album Link

  • Lee Seung Gi & TVXQ’s Yunho Meet Up In The Military

    On September 7, photos revealing Lee Seung Gi and TVXQ’s Yunho recent meeting were posted on online community sites. The photos feature the two stars in their military uniforms. The pair look friendly and happy as they pose for the snapshot. Lee Seung Gi and Yunho actually took the photo in front of Baekje Military

  • Ground Forces Festival Performance Schedule with Yunho

    Our Special Class Solider, Corporal Jung Yunho will be performing October 2nd through the 6th, and the schedule has been released! It appears that Yunho will be performing each day of the festival, along with Lee SeungGi, and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Shindong and Sungmin. The ROK Army is also proudly displaying Yunho as a prime

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