• Shilla Duty Free Fan Fest with TVXQ – Personal Account

    Most fans never have the opportunity to see their celebrity artists perform live, let alone have the opportunity to come face to face with them back stage… so as a super fan of TVXQ, I am humbled, grateful and fully acknowledge how blessed I am to have had several of these such experiences. I own

  • TVXQ Performs on FNS Year End Festival

    TVXQ! performed on the Japanese TV show, FNS Festival, along with labelmate, BoA on December 6th, 2017. 일본 대표 연말 특집프로그램 '2017 #FNS Music Festival'에 참석한 #SMTOWN 보아 이사님과 #동방신기 훈훈한 모습 포착📸😍 – 겨울마다 역주행하는 보아 '메리크리' 동방신기 새 싱글 'Reboot' 눈귀호강 무대 즐겁게 감상하셨나요?👀👂 계속해서 #SMTOWN 많이 사랑해주세요🙆🙌❤ – #BoA #メリクリ #TVXQ! #TOHOSHINKI

  • Yunho’s iFans Donate 1K Books to Children’s Library

    Yunho’s fans donated 1,000 picture books for him. His fans had already helped build a small library last year for citizens of his hometown Gwangju by donating 27 million KRW (approximately 25,000 USD). International fans came together once again to donate 1,000 picture books to the library. The library will open officially in April next

  • TVXQ unveils the full MV of Japanese track ‘Reboot’

    TVXQ unveiled the full version of their newest Japanese track titled “Reboot”. The lengthy video consisted scenes from the previously shown short version as the duo demonstrated their powerful charisma. The fantasy/sci-fi concept seems strikingly similar to their image from their earlier days. Watch the clip below! Source: AKP

  • SUM Store Celebratory Event for TVXQ!’s 14th Anniversary

    SUM Store has posted a celebratory event for TVXQ’s Anniversary 📌 EVENT 1 TVXQ 14th Anniversary Celebratory Event – Cake Made With Fans 🎂 How: 1. Visit SUM Cafe during the event period 2. On the supplied message card, in 8 words, write your message & enter it 🔸 The winning message will be decorated

  • Staff Report: Yunho’s Physical Training

    Good evening, all Bigeasts! We’ll share you Yunho behind the stage ♪ It is really important to do physical training/work out in order to provide you the best performance, but mental training is also essential. For example, just before the live concert, Yunho and Changmin will try a variety of methods to enhance their ability

  • Sam-san’s heartwarming tweet about Tohoshinki

    They did not let us feel anything about the two and half years of hiatus, rather they were geared up on their comeback. I thought that so far I saw the best live stage in many aspects. This is only the second day of this come back tour, but finally I realized that we started

  • BE STAFF REPORT! Tokyo Dome Day 1

    Our Changmin playing table tennis probably during rehearsals(?) Look at his face when he won! So smug. Doesn’t this remind you of his antics during Cool Kids on the Block?

  • TVXQ! at SMT Tokyo

    Our lovely boys, via their official instagram, posted photos of them sharing a meal at SMT Tokyo (@smttokyo). They even shared a photo of one of their dessert plates. YUM!   @smt_tokyo A post shared by 동방신기(TVXQ!) Official Instagram (@tvxq.official) on Nov 23, 2017 at 9:33pm PST

  • Changmin Listed in TOP10 Most Savage Maknae

    A fun article was posted today, referencing our Max in the Top 10 “Savage Maknae’s” in KPop, he scored 10/10 Savage Points for his sharp tongue and quick wit. In Asian society, you’d expect there to be a certain ‘hierarchy’, if you like, when it comes to idol groups – especially since when there’s a

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