• Happy 29th Birthday Changmin!

    TVXQ’s Max Changmin turns 29 on February 18th, (30 in Korea), and fans celebrate worldwide. Changmin’s fans made a donation to help children with hearing impairments, amongst other donations and supportive acts in his name. A Chinese TVXQ fansite called “BeautyMin” recently made a donation of one million won (approximately $870) in Changmin’s name to

  • Fans Prepare for Max’s Birthday

    US and Korean fans joined together to honor Max Changmin by hosting a giant banner of TVXQ’s handsome maknae, in a Seoul subway station. Travelers can see the beautiful young idol as they board their train. Changmin turns 30 in Korea (29 years old international age) on February 18th. Gundae entry station line 2 Special

  • Sargeant Jung Yunho Heartily Shovels Snow

    Twitter was abuzz with a cute story about Sergeant Jung Yunho, and how hard he works at his job, shoveling snow. It was posted by a non fan on a Korean fan site, DC TVXQ: I’m not a TVXQ fan but this was posted on the SNS of someone whom I know and it was

  • Producer & Stage Director Hideshi Hasegawa Wishes TVXQ Happy Birthday

    Japanese Producer and Stage Director Hideshi Hasegawa posts a message on Instagram for Yunho and Changmin. ちょっと遅くなっちゃったけど 6日はユノの誕生日でした。 来週の18日はチャンミンの誕生日です。 このところなんかバタバタしてて ようやくこのタイミングで落ち着いて 久しぶりに見たこのDVD。 信念が揺らぎそうだったオレだけど 自分が信じて来たことは間違ってなかったって、あらためてそう信じることができました。 久しぶりに泣いたわーっ! ユノ、チャンミン誕生日おめでとう。 そしてありがとう! ( ◠‿◠ ) #東方神起 #tvxq #tohoshinki #withツアー #withtour #ユノ誕生日おめでとう #チャンミン誕生日おめでとう #ユノ #チャンミン #ユノチャンミン A photo posted by 長谷川ヒデシ (@hideshi_gainsbourg) on Feb 9, 2017 at 10:18am PST A bit

  • Fans Worldwide Celebrate TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho’s Birthday!

    February 6th isn’t until tomorrow in the US, but in South Korea and many other parts of the world, faithful TVXQ fans celebrated festive events worldwide in honor of our leader, Jung Yunho’s birthday. Time difference aside, the special date is recognized across the globe from China, all they way to Europe and in between!

  • KFAM Thanks We Are T International Fan Club

    We Are T International Fan Club participated in a donation drive fundraiser for Korean American foster children, via KFAMLA in December. Today we received a letter thanking us for our contribution! Hello, Thank you for all your interest, support, and donations. Your support and generosity helped us reach our goal (to provide gifts to the

  • Changmin’s #14 Monthly Gift

    Remember when Changmin appeared as a cast member on Cool Kidz on the Block? January’s Special Present #14 is from when he played badminton on the show! Watch the episodes Changmin was in HERE! Source: SMTown

  • Yunho’s 18th Monthly Present

    It’s hard not to giggle or even burst out laughing when we see this monthly gift that SM gave us from Yunho! Get a load of that hair!! This was taken during the filming for a T1ST0RY VCR and appears to be a selfie! TVXQ!_VCR-SHOWREEL from METAOLOZ on Vimeo. Source: SMTOWN

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