• TVXQ Sets 3 New Oricon Records With Latest Japanese Single

    Once again, TVXQ has made history in Japan! On November 27, Japanese music chart Oricon announced that TVXQ had broken no less than three records with their latest Japanese single “Jealous.” According to SM Entertainment, TVXQ topped Oricon’s weekly singles chart for the week of November 19 to 25 with “Jealous.” The achievement marks the

  • TVXQ Still Reigns in Japan

    TVXQ still reigns supreme in Japan! After the group dropped their ninth Japanese studio album “TOMORROW” on September 19, the album topped Oricon’s weekly album chart for the week of September 17 to September 23. With this being TVXQ’s seventh No. 1 on Oricon’s weekly album chart, the group has made history. TVXQ broke their

  • Koreans Vote For Male Celebs Whose Fiery Passion Could Melt The Frost This Winter

    It’s that time of year—as the days grow colder and the winter chill begins to descend, the scorching heat of summer increasingly seems like a distant memory. As Koreans prepare for the coming winter, a recent survey asked participants to choose the male celebrities whose “passionate charm would melt the cold and the winter frost.”

  • TVXQ Reunites with Fans in Thailand

    Veteran boy group TVXQ met its Thai fans at its first concert in more than three years. On Friday, the duo performed at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand, for the first time since March 2015. TVXQ performed 26 songs at the event, starting from “Hug” to the latest EP, “The Chance of Love.” The duo

  • TVXQ #1 Money Earner in KPOP According to Netizens

    Netizens reveal the top 3 boy groups who earned the most money in their careers. Netizens on Nate Pann have revealed the top three boy groups who have earned the most money in their careers. The three groups in order are 1) TVXQ, 2) Big Bang, and 3) EXO. At #1 is TVXQ, also widely

  • Yunho: The Perfect Idol Role Model Every Junior Should Look Up To

    Active since 2003, TVXQ‘s Yunho is a super “sunbae (선배, a senior with more experience in an industry)” for a lot of “hoobae (후배, a junior)” idols, like former JBJ‘s Kwon Hyeon Bin who appear on Dunia: Into a New World together. In addition to being a veteran K-Pop star with tons of experience in

  • Vogue Japan: TVXQ’s Full Interview in July Issue 2018

    The Great Showman, U-Know Yunho “FM” to “Freedom” I really liked the army. Of course, I wouldn’t go twice, for fear of those memories being tainted. (laugh) The pure high school boy got a different color after going to the army. I became looser especially. I guess it was because there was a lot of

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