• We Are T at KCONLA for a Great Cause

    Our fan club, We Are T International, will attend KCON USA 2017 Los Angeles again this year! We will host a booth and will be offering attendees the opportunity to contribute to donations for a great cause, KFAMLA, just as we did last year! Last year, after expenses, we donated $1000 to KFAMLA, an organization

  • Top 20 KPop Idol Groups Fan Clubs in Japan

    Not sure how KPOP Behind was able to obtain these numbers but they have published a list of the Top 20 KPOP Fan Clubs in Japan, who have the most paid memberships. Of course, the Kings, TVXQ!, (Tohoshinki) tops the list in first place. 1. TVXQ! – Bigeast 523,000 members 2. BIGBANG – V.I.P JAPAN

  • BigEast Staff Update with Yunho

    I missed you~♫ I really missed you~! I love you all as well… -U.Know- (Written in Osaka-ben) =========== The King is back!!! 170715 SMTOWN LIVE in Osaka 4#정윤호 #유노윤호 #Yunho #ユノ pic.twitter.com/aTBQpyLH6V — DOUBLE CROWN (@W_crown26218) July 16, 2017 Trans: snxy

  • Osaka Showers Love All Over Yunho

    “Don’t use any fandom colored lightsticks,” SM said. “Only use the the official SMTown wristband only,” they said. BigEast fans, who have been waiting for TVXQ for two years responded, “Thanks, but no thanks!” While their beloved Yunho performed his heart out on stage, BigEast fans that filled the Kyocera Dome, showed the 31 year

  • SM Global Package Benefits and Process

    With the announcement of TVXQ’s comeback concert, and the Return of the KINGS, there are probably hundreds of international fans who, like me, will flock to South Korea in the Fall for the concert. Tickets are often very difficult to get, especially prized seats.  Therefore I strongly the SM Global Package!  It doesn’t include AirFare,

  • Tohoshinki Praised on National Broadcast in Japan

    Today on a national broadcast, Chikako Kaku-san, well known announcer, praised Tohoshinki, and expressed her desire to have them reunited again on stage in Japan. She specially praised Yunho’s sexy hips, and cool moves, and Changmin’s body. Really she is spot on! We all want to see them together again on stage! 全国放送某テレビで賀来 千香子さんが熱~く❗❗トンを語ってくださって、本当にありがとうございます(^^)ユノの腰つきセクシー♥チャンミンの♥と体♥も~お褒めの言葉ばかり、ありがとうございます👍#東方神起 pic.twitter.com/BFI8SFMWc2

  • TVXQ Ranked in Top 10 Musical Duo’s in Japan

    Tsutaya ranked Tohoshinki in their Top 10 Japanese Musical Male Duo Artists, with the popularity of their WITH CD, they were the only foreign artists on the list. Even after Yunho and Changmin became a duo, with their intensedance performances and high quality music, Tohoshinki became one of Japan’s most popular faves Translation: snxy

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