• TVXQ!’s ‘Meokbang’ to be on Naver V Live Stream!

    TVXQ was the latest to jump on the “meokbang” (eating show) bandwagon, a fad that has captivated the Korean internet users in recent years. According to S.M. Entertainment, “TVXQ’s Let’s Eat Together” will be aired on Naver Star Live Application V, with the first episode set to take place at 10 p.m. on Thursday. The

  • TVXQ Share Thoughts on Being an “Old” Group

    TVXQ members Yunho and Changmin held their first ever V Live broadcast on September 20 where they talked about many things including what they’ve been up to since being discharged from the military and when they were most grateful for one another. After introducing themselves and being amazed by the V Live technology and features,

  • TVXQ To Appear on Knowing Brothers Sept 28th!

    Today, September 22nd, JTBC revealed TVXQ! would be appearing on the hit Knowing Brothers variety talk show. They’re set to film on the 28th, while viewers can expect their episode to air mid-October. TVXQ also mentioned in a previous interview that the variety show they’d like to guest on most is ‘Knowing Brothers’. This program

  • TVXQ Releases Teasers for Solos on SM Station

    TVXQ fans are in for a long awaited treat this upcoming week, which has been deemed as “TVXQ! Week” by SM and the media. The individual solos seem to match their personalities and individual charm! Yunho’s solo stunned fans during SMTown Seoul and Japan, “DROP” which was very much a full dance performance piece. It

  • SM Global Package Pre-Order Merchandise

    SMTown Global Package participant can pre-order TVXQ YouR PresenT merchandise, but the quantities are usually limited to 1 per person, and some items will be available by lottery only due to the low availability! Don’t miss the deadline: 20th September (Wed) 12:00 P.M. ~ 26th September (Tue) 12:00 P.M. (KST) *NOTICE* 1. MERCHANDISE pre-order service

  • Simultaneous Translations Available for TVXQ YouR PresenT Global Package!

    International Fans won’t be as lost during this fan meeting as I have been at every other one I’ve attended in Japan in Korea! Thanks to SM’s preparation and consideration, we will have simultaneous translations available! Be sure to book your device during 19th September (Tue) 16:00 P.M. ~ 26th September (Tue) 10:00 A.M. (KST).

  • TVXQ Lucky Star Slogan Banners Give Away at YouR PresenT

    We Are T International Fan Club will be giving away 200 slogan banners at the YouR PresenT fan meeting! We will give away 50 on Saturday, September 30th and 50 on Sunday, October first prior to the fan meeting. Then we will have additional 100 for attendees of our collaboration After Party with TVXQ Expire!

  • TVXQ Makes 1st Variety Appearance Since Discharge With “Happy Together”

    TVXQ will be appearing on a variety show together! On September 14, a source from “Happy Together” revealed, “TVXQ will be participating in the recording on September 16.” The group will be appearing with veteran singer Lee Seung Chul, and the episode is scheduled to air in early October. This will be the group’s first

  • We Are T Logo Poll

    We Are T International Fan Club is looking for a logo to call home! Can you please let us know which one you prefer? We want to thank the talented artists that contributed! Results will be made final within 30 days. Thanks!! WE ARE T!!

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